Week 12: College football picks with caddies Paul Tesori, Joe Skovron, Matt Minister and Ryan Rue

Michigan State
Michigan State is favored by 1.5 points in their tilt with Nebraska on Saturday. Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Week 12 of college football season is here, as the top teams jockey for position for a coveted playoff spot.

How will things unfold on Saturday?

Caddies Paul Tesori, Joe Skovron, Matt Minister and Ryan Rue take a look deep into the crystal ball to offer up their respective picks in five, key match ups…

Michigan State (18) at Nebraska
Spread: Michigan State -1.5

Tesori’s Pick: Michigan State
Why: Two reasons. The Spartans are better and Scott Frost thought the Gators weren’t worth his time.

Skovron’s Pick: Nebraska
Why: This is a tough one. Michigan State has struggled at times this year and Nebraska had a terrible start. Both are well coached. Frost has had Nebraska playing well the last five games with 3 wins and 2 close losses. I think the momentum stays and carries into next year as he continues to get the guys he wants to Lincoln.

Minister’s Pick: Michigan State
Why: Michigan State defense will shut down the Huskies and win by a touchdown.

Rue’s Pick: Michigan State
Why: Nebraska has a mediocre defense and I see MSU winning this by a touchdown.

Syracuse (13) at Notre Dame (8)
Spread: Notre Dame -9

Tesori’s Pick: Syracuse
Why: I’ve decided this week I’m going purely on emotions. I’m only +2 for the year going with my “brains.” Let’s give the Orangeman a chance.

Skovron’s Pick: Notre Dame
Why: Have heard a lot of people high on Syracuse lately. I haven’t watched them play but Coach Babers has done a great job there and has them rolling lately. Both of their losses were close with one of them to Clemson. With that said, I’ve watched ND a decent amount this year and I think they are for real. Book has changed the offense and is supposed to be back this week, but Wimbush got the job done last week. While this line seems high, I think the Irish will be heading into LA at 11-0 next week.

Minister’s Pick: Notre Dame
Why: ND. They are the real deal and the Cuse can’t hang.

Rue’s Pick: Syracuse
Why: Syracuse will be a tough game for the Irish. I haven’t been impressed with Notre Dame all year. Syracuse rolls in this one.

West Virginia (9) at Oklahoma State
Spread: West Virginia -5

Tesori’s Pick: OSU
Why: With keeping up on my Gator obsession, UF can’t become the first team ever to have two Heisman Trophy winners that left their original team and win at another school (Cam).

Skovron’s Pick: West Virginia
Why: There is reverse line movement right now so I’m breaking my rule taking WVU. I don’t see how OSU is going to stop Grier and that Mountaineer offense.

Minister’s Pick: West Virginia
Why: WVU. Grier has a huge day against the non-existent D of OSU.

Rue’s Pick: WVU
Why: Will Grier I’ve said it all year. I love watching this team play. No fear.

Miami at Virginia Tech
Spread: Miami -3.5

Tesori’s Pick: Virginia Tech
Why: This is getting fun. I just plain can’t stand the Hurricanes.

Skovron’s Pick: Virginia Tech
Why: Both of these teams are struggling so I have no idea who to pick. I’ll take Virginia Tech in Blacksburg getting the points.

Minister’s Pick: Virginia Tech
Why: VT only because of home field. Neither team is like teams of the past.

Rue’s Pick: Miami
Why: The Hurricanes running backs should be able to handle the Hokies.

Iowa State (22) at Texas (19)
Spread: Texas -3

Tesori’s Pick: Texas
Why: This is the only game I don’t care about the result so I’m going with the home team.

Skovron’s Pick: Texas
Why: Both these teams have had a good year. Iowa State is on fire right now and has an up and coming coach. I really want to pick Iowa State so I can pull for them but it’s hard to pick against Texas at home with ISU not having their starting back for the first half because of suspension.

Minister’s Pick: Texas
Why: Texas. Going to stick with Herman and his ability to keep his team focused and moving forward.

Rue’s Pick: Iowa State
Why: Iowa State is on a roll! I don’t think Texas has it in them this week.

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