Week 1: College football caddie picks

college football
Are you jacked up for college football season? Our caddies sure are. Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, golf season isn’t over just yet, but you know what’s just starting up?


And, boy, are a lot of people excited about that… especially the caddies.

With a full docket of games for opening week, we selected five of the most compelling tilts and had three caddies – Paul Tesori, Matt Minister and Ryan Rue – give us their picks, along with their reasoning.

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And let me just say this… if College GameDay ever needs a new, three-man panel, we might have its guys.

With that, let’s get to the games and the picks… 

Washington (6) at Auburn (9)

Paul Tesori’s pick: Auburn
Why?: SEC Football!!!!

Matt Minister’s pick: Auburn
Why?: Auburn wins in close game. In Atlanta, but practically home-field advantage for Auburn.

Ryan Rue’s pick: Auburn
Why?: Auburn has great defense and it’s pretty much a home game for Auburn in Atlanta. Living on the east coast, I don’t see many Washington games, so I have to go with what I know and that’s WAR DAMN EAGLE!

Tennessee at West Virginia (17)

Paul Tesori’s pick: Tennessee
Why?:  Tennessee is hungry to start the rebuilding.

Matt Minister’s pick: West Virginia
Why?: WVU wins in another close one. Home-field advantage is the difference.

Ryan Rue’s pick: West Virginia
Why?: Will Grier! Vols defense can’t handle Will Grier (Go Gators!). The Vols are going to need some time (like a couple of years).

Michigan (14) at Notre Dame (12)

Paul Tesori’s pick: Michigan
Why?: Defense is ferocious to the ball.

Matt Minister’s pick: Notre Dame
Why?: Notre Dame wins because Harbaugh sucks.

Ryan Rue’s pick: Michigan
Why?: Harbaugh and his pleats  and the transfer QB from Ole Miss, Shea Patterson, come in to South Bend and put a whoopin’ on the Golden Domers. Fear the Pleats.

Miami (8) at LSU (25)

Paul Tesori’s pick: LSU
Why?: The SEC, and LSU in particular, is hungry to get back where they deserve to be.

Matt Minister’s pick: LSU
Why?: LSU wins because of  a great new QB.

Ryan Rue’s pick: LSU
Why?: I like the SEC and I’m not a fan of Richt. I’m also interested to see how Joe Barrow pans out for LSU at QB. The game is played in Arlington and Baton Rouge isn’t too far away… those Tigahas travel well. LSU wins by a touchdown.

Virginia Tech (20) at Florida State (19)

Paul Tesori’s pick: Virginia Tech
Why?: With a new coaching staff, the Seminoles won’t be able to pull this one out.

Matt Minister’s pick: FSU
Why?: FSU wins because of home-field, again, and QB versatility.

Ryan Rue’s pick: FSU
Why?: It’s hard for me to go with the Noles — EVER — but this time, athleticism wins the game. The Noles are drinking that Kool-Aid that Coach Taggert is serving and I don’t think the Hokies defense will be able to hang with the Seminoles.


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