Watch: Longtime PGA Tour caddie Heath Holt fires, ahem, 59*

There’s not a whole lot to do right now with the COVID-19 pandemic causing devastating havoc across the globe.

In the U.S., there are some states that are still allowing golf courses to be open – but with all kinds of modifications to ensure everyone’s safety.

One such state is Missouri.

Heath Holt, a PGA Tour caddie for the better part of 20 years, is a resident of Springfield, Mo.

Recently – before the order of all the social-distancing rules in his state went into effect – Holt took in a round of golf at Millwood Golf and Racquet Club with longtime friend and videographer, Dan Boever.

That’s where the two golf buddies decided to do something extra fun: MAKE CONTENT.

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As we all know, 59 is an incredible score in golf. Not many can boast a sub-60 round. Well, in this particular round – with raised cups so not to have to touch the flagstick – Holt saw an opportunity to chase 59.

Boever expertly documented the whole round and condensed, for our viewing pleasure, into just over two minutes.

So, did Holt card a 59? As Jim Furyk, owner of both a 58 AND a 59 might say, “Weeeeeeeeeell…” That’s the reason for the asterisk you see in the headline. Watch the video until the end and you’ll see why.

Boever is a full-time corporate and charity golf entertainer since 2000 with 1,700+ personal appearances around the world.

Boever’s clients have included Bank of America, Microsoft, TD Ameritrade, McDonalds, Citgo, AT&T, Sprint, Pepsi, Yahoo!, Make A Wish, MGM Grand, Marriott Hotels and the PGA Tour.

He has made 18 consecutive trips to the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship, including a World Title in 2008.

Talented, talented man. You can follow Boever on Facebook (@danboevergolf), Twitter (@danboever), Instagram (@trick_shot_academy) or LinkedIn (@danboever).

Now enjoy the video above!


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