Tour caddies react to news of caddie Tim Tucker and Bryson DeChambeau parting ways

Bryson DeChambeau and now former caddie Tim Tucker at the Arnold Palmer Invitational back in March 2021 — the last PGA Tour event the pair won together. Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Bryson DeChambeau and his long-time caddie Tim Tucker parted ways this week on Wednesday evening before the first round of their title defense at the Rocket Mortgage Classic.

The news was first reported by No Laying Up on Twitter.

Tucker looped all eight of DeChambeau’s wins on the PGA Tour, including last year’s U.S. Open win at Winged Foot.

“Like any player/caddie relationship, they eventually come to an end. Bryson and Tim have been great friends for years and will continue to be. Both felt it was time to part ways at the present time,” DeChambeau’s agent, Brett Falkoff, told The Caddie Network. “They wish each other the best and will always be there for one another.”

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Cobra equipment rep Ben Schomin is caddying this week for DeChambeau.

Cobra’s Ben Schomin is on the bag for Bryson DeChambeau at the Rocket Mortgage Classic. Credit: USA Today Images

Reactions from other Tour caddies to the news of the DeChambeau/Tucker breakup ranged from surprised to, well, not very surprised at all.

“To be honest, it’s not that surprising. The job can be so stressful, especially at the highest level,” veteran caddie Paul Tesori (Webb Simpson) said. “Bryson is driven to do things no one has done before in the game and while that drive is admirable and will lead to a lot of wins, it can also be difficult on a relationship with the caddie.”

Tesori thinks this move could be a good choice for both parties.

“I would think that it will probably be the best for both (Tim) and Bryson for a while and who knows, maybe they get back together down the road. Vijay (Singh) and I did that one time because we just needed a break.”

Caddie Nick Heinen (Matthew Wolff) had a different reaction to the split.

“Yeah, that was very surprising,” Heinen said. “Tim is a baller though and I’m sure he’ll be OK and Bryson is too good for this (change) to affect him for too long.”

Heinen saw DeChambeau and Tucker at their finest when he and his player Matthew Wolff played in the final Sunday pairing in the 2020 U.S. Open with them as DeChambeau grabbed his first major at Winged Foot.

For Jace Walker who caddies for Mackenzie Hughes, the split between Tucker and DeChambeau will only further show Tucker’s value.

When asked for his initial reaction, Walker said, “that Tim’s salary just went up again when Bryson tries to get him back. There aren’t many caddies who can do what Tim does.”

Nor are there many asked to work the late hours Tucker had been at some events over the years. Remember DeChambeau practicing on the range at a U.S. Open on Thursday night until pitch black after their first round at Torrey Pines last month? Tucker, of course, was there.

The day before, on Wednesday, Tucker and DeChambeau stood on that range for an hour and a half until 6:30 p.m., then headed to the greens afterwards.

Looping for DeChambeau clearly requires some serious overtime hours, and it will be interesting to see who will be the next long-term caddie he goes with.

It should be noted that golf reporter Chantel McCabe shared an excellent tweet from a conversation she had with Tucker last week about his future. Seems there’s a lot he’s got planned related to his old gig at Bandon Dunes.

Tucker declined to comment when reached by Caddie Network about the split.


  1. Did this have anything to do with Phil grabbing the 8 iron out of Bryson’s bag and bending it over his kneee? Caddie bag security issue?

  2. Ive been caddying for 39 years all over place you dont breakup with a golfer the day before a tournament starts for no reason especially a professional golfer they most definately got into an argument im guessin Bryson aint payim this guy enough $ thats my guess!! Of course it could also be they argue about club selection and reading greens but because he waited till tight b4 start im goin with $!!!!

  3. Surprised Mr. Tucker could last as long as he
    did. While DeChambeau is talented and has had success, his personalysis skills are sorely lacking. He is incapable of admitting error-a mishit shot is due to the wind, or he slipped(with metal spikes!), it was just “bad luck” (as if it only happens to him), or he just couldn’t regulate the amount of oxygen he required. His highly paid PR person can never be paid enough to help this clueless petulate child.

  4. One wonders if the Caddy was arguing with Bryson when he said that during his Dream the correction required to rectify his Swing came to him? Maybe a Caddie change was part 2 of the same eureka moment in Brysons elusive dreams and schemes?….LOL Whatever let’s wish them both success and happiness in their future endeavors

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