Tim Tucker making bank, Birddog’s ‘do, Phil’s promise and more

Hello again and welcome to ‘Caddie Moments of the Week.’ It was another busy week where caddies have spent the long weekend making it rain. So, fatten up those bank accounts and let’s get started.

Tim ‘Money Man’ Tucker

Yes, yes, Bryson Dechambeau the Mad Scientist, Ryder Cup and all that. But can we talk for a moment about Tim Tucker?! Bryson has now won four times in the last year, including twice in the last two weeks. Bryson is now second on the money list with more than $7.8 million, with $3.24 million of that coming in the last two weeks. Assuming Tim is getting something in the standard range of a 10 percent cut for wins, he’s just pocketed something in the range of $320,000. Not bad for two weeks work!

Bryson DeChambeau, Tim Tucker
The last two weeks have been swell for Bryson DeChambeau and caddie Tim Tucker. Credit: Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

Golden Touch

Speaking of making it rain, how about a shoutout for Travis Wilson? Wilson was on the bag while Stacy Lewis won the Portland Classic last year, and with Lewis awaiting the birth of her first child, took up the bag for Marina Alex in 2018 and won again. Some serious local knowledge right there. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a bidding war for his services at this event in 2019.

Travis Wilson
Caddie Travis Wilson with Stacy Lewis. On Sunday, Wilson was on the bag for Marina Alex’s first LPGA win. Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, THAT guy

But if Tucker and Wilson remain on the good end of the success spectrum, all the way on the other end is this guy. The “other” guy.

Great Hair

Quick shout-out for the A+ afro Justin York’s got cooking, though. Look at that thing. It’s beautiful.

One Year On…

And finally, to Phil Mickelson. He’s a fan-favorite for a reason: You may have remembered a year ago Lefty promising a young fan he could caddie for him. Fast forward to this year’s Dell Technologies Championship Pro-Am, where Phil came good on that promise and gave this young boy a memory he’ll cherish forever.

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