These are the scariest shots in golf, according to our followers

Sep 26, 2021; Haven, Wisconsin, USA; Team Europe player Tommy Fleetwood plays a shot from a bunker on the third hole during day three singles rounds for the 43rd Ryder Cup golf competition at Whistling Straits. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Golf can be a scary game, especially when you put yourself in bad situations around the course. While all shots in golf can be intimidating, some can certainly stick out.

The opening tee shot in front of a clubhouse crowd, the first shot after a shank or even a five-footer for par are just a few of the countless situations that can give a golfer post-round nightmares.

We wanted to know what shots our Twitter followers feared the most, so we asked them in a recent Twitter poll: “The scariest shot in golf is __________.”

Here were the 75 (!) best responses.

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75. “A tee shot in front of President Bush!” — @TGolfer83

74. “Group of 4 letting you play through.” — @trtj22

73. “Close enough to throw it and not be allowed to.” — @Coach_Hess718

72. “The next one…” — @dbz99


70. “The next shot after an OB ball or a shank.” — @BladyNick

69. “50-yard bunker shot.” — @brucekenerson1

68. “My tee shot with thousands of fans along the tee area and fairway… Like that would ever happen.” — @grub1234

67. “Downhill over water.” — @kbfaherty

66. “35-yard pitch on the short side. Always puss out.” — @johnnycourage

65. “Tequila.” — @ArbanasFred

64. “Downhill flop over water off a skinny lie.” — @DougeeMc

63. “Lob wedge off a hard-pan lie.” — @johnlewman1yah1

62. “Downhill lie above a bunker short-sided to a green that slopes away from you with water on the other side.” — @dbv154

61. “Greenside bunker shot with water over the green.” — @chris_scalisi

60. “Hitting 5 and still on the tee.” — @mbj

59. “Driver off the gravel in the car park over the course owner’s Convertible Bentley under the restaurant window at lunchtime.”

58. “Hot cart girl watching shot from the middle of the fairway.” — @BSharpVOLS

57. “Downhill chip uphill to a fast green with water or trap on the other side.” — @golfer_poppop

56. “Flop to a tight pin.” — @Chizzad51

55. “Long iron, ball below your feet, out of bounds right.” — @MarkPetrie2

54. “The one shot in golf that tightens my sphincter muscle is the 4-foot putt.” — @DannyR415

53. “3-foot putt.” — @Bemho24

52. “Don’t know. Might not have seen it yet.” — @Dougsgolftweets

51. “Long carry over penalty area.” — @LorkeStevie

50. “The first one after a shank.” — @Anthony_Goins03

49. “All of them…” — @ScottHelmka

48. “Fairway bunkers.” — @b_c_hopkins

47. “Wide open face flop shot.” — @JepsonCarCo

46. “A short-sided 30-yard bunker shot to an elevated green.” — @stuck_buck

45. “2-foot eagle putt.” — @HTTR828791

44. “4th putt.” — @matt7168

43. “Lob shot.” — @DrMauricePugh

42. “Teeing off first in a horse race.” — @david23349503

41. “The one that begins with an ‘s’!” — @erhynelll

40. “The one that your eye can’t see you hitting it toward the target. Happens to me 36 times a round…” — @hldogg1

39. “Teeing off from No. 1 and then it just goes downhill.” — @Mark_Aumann

38. “The 70-yard bunker shot. I got this… yeeaaa no.” — @Garner45550181

37. “Bunker when the green is running away from you to water.” — @teeitupforward

36. “Fast downhill 4-foot putt that breaks 3 to 4 inches.” — @chipe

35. “2-putt from 30 to win the whole enchilada!” — @daddiojoe53

34. “5-footer on 18 for some meaningful $$$.” — @dcbbrinks

33. “Definitely the next shot after a shank! C’mon! Your mind starts racing, you’re talking to yourself!! Scary…” — @gymflake62

32. “The scariest shot in golf is one over water to an island green.” — @DannyR415

31. “When the group in front lets you play thru.” — @scottlbridges

30. “Against the grain chip.” — @LangySteve

29. “I hate the under the tree, over the greenside bunker.” — @stevenguti_

28. “For me, it’s the one after a great drive.” — @MikeIrish18

27. “Severe downhill lie to cross a ravine.” — @keithsun888

26. “The tequila on 19!” — @stoolesample1

25. “50-yard bunker shot or a partial wedge over water.” — @n8olson31

24. “Flop shot, short-sided, water behind.” — @NedAtkins4

23. “Bunker on a downslope with water on the other side.” — @JohnsonChrisMI

22. “Flop shot over a bunker to a tight pin.” — @dah_sr

21. “‘I shoulda yelled two!’ – Al Czervik” — @JayScott61742344

20. “Two-foot putt for a personal best.” — @golfgirlrobin

19. “Anything for a birdie.” — @lancegiles

18. “A tee shot with a pond on the left.” — @realgolfguru

17. “Driver on the par 4 18th hole when you need par to shoot your career lowest round.” — @BogeyNoLikey

16. “The next one. Other than a gimme.” — @BobLogan51

15. “Greenside bunker. Downhill lie. Green runs away from you. Water long. Short sided.” — @VThokiebish

14. “#1 tee with 150-yard water carry after you were caught in traffic and basically jumped from your car to the tee box…” — @CaptPat48

13. “The soon-to-be chunked chip.” — @Mark__Gardner

12. “40-50yd bunker shot.” — @dannypgolf89

11. “Short-sided soggy or tight lie.” — @L86Jason

10. “Teeing off on 18 with a chance to break 80.” — @phishin_rich

9. “The one you HAVE to make to break par for your 1st time.” — @InspireNtegrity

8. “The fourth putt… or the one after a knahs… backwards for good luck!” — @TonyVandeLinde

7. “The shot you take when you’re being waved through.” — @wagondriver_75

6. “The unconfident one.” — @parabolicCoNiBa

5. “The one after a hosel rocket.” — @jbags68

4. “Bunker over water or long is a tee box or clubhouse/house.” — @GolfCrowds1955

3. “20 yd flop shot off a tight lie.” — @BarneyHinkle

2. “Long putt from back of green, when it’s downhill to a front pin, and a false front that leads down to water.” — @GogBlogGuy

1. “Downhill lie above a bunker short sided to a green that slopes away from you with water on other side.” — @dbv154

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