The most important thing a good caddie does is _________.

Oct 15, 2021; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Louis Oosthuzien gets a ball from his caddie Wynand Stander during the second round of the CJ Cup golf tournament at The Summit Club. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

There are many things a caddie can do to help their player have a good round.

For some, it can be as simple as carrying their bag and giving yardage; for others, it’s just helping them have a good time while on the course.

We wanted to hear what our @CaddieNetwork followers favorite things a caddie does for them are, so we asked them in a Twitter poll: “The most important thing a good caddie does is _________.

Here were our 50 favorite responses.

50. “Know when to do nothing at all.” — @MattGinella

49. “Stay upbeat and professional regardless of a players ability or score.” — @handicaddie

48. “Makes sure you have 14 clubs, some golf balls, snacks, pen, tees and chewing tobacco.” — @Troy89689324


46. “Should read greens if they knew how.” — @stripman55

45. “Stay supportive and positive no matter what.” — @KevinEScott1

44. “Carry the bag?” — @TheGostofhogan

43. “Read his player.” — @DrewStyles2

42. “Not laugh.” — @alcohollywood74

41. “Carry the heavy bag. I am fat.” — @SarcasticDadCEO

40. “Know when to shut up!!” — @cablestation947

39. “Show up, keep up and shut up?????” — @PSU_Ithaca

38. “Knows when to speak up. Knows when to shut up.” — @FrankWintin

37. “To those #showup and #shutup comments… Why would you ever take a caddie… Just ride in your cart.” — @danryan41

36. “Dials you in.” — @bigredsbigworld

35. “Adapt.” — @GottaAskKay

34. “Raises stoke level.” — @BuckWeston3

33. “Makes the round more fun.” — @thetripleBB

32. “Keeps your mind distracted between shots.” — @generalApatton

31. “‘Thanks for what you did back there. You’re a good caddy, something to be proud of.’ – Judge Smails.” — @JayScot61742344

30. “Understand your player’s need for and WILLINGNESS to accept help.” — @fraher_rich

29. “Stand up to their loop.” — @ChrisLancione

28. “Help me enjoy the walk.” — @CupONYJoe

27. “Carry the heavy ass bag.” chuck1970

26. “Prepare, which gives him and his player confidence.” — @tommysoxx

25. “Advise.” — @EricGarlinger

24. “Keeps the 6-pack cold!” — @Shivasirons

23. “Keep a positive attitude.” — @gymflake62

22. “Make their golfer feel relaxed and comfortable from the range to the 19th hole. #preparation #humor #confidence #positivity.” — @CaddieEver

21. “Yardage… Just give me a number and where I should hit it. I will hit it there. Don’t want to know anything else.” — @ChipMendela

20. “Stifle his laughter.” — @trvl8r

19. “Drink.” — @TimRantz

18. “Showers every night…” — @10and8golf

17. “Keep you in a positive mindset and enjoying the game.” — @Brian_McCaffrey

16. “Go to the sketchy side of town to get logos put on shirts. Right @markbaldwin1 @acaseofthegolf1?” — @djslessor11

15. “Knowing when to speak.” — @BaronPhilbert

14. “Sell the shot.” — @BladyNick

13. “Attract female admirers.” — @gulfcoastshrink

12. “Knows what his player wants…and needs.” — @GordMcGarva

11. “To carry the very heavy bag and give the finest yardage!” — @StAndrews1962

10. “The most important thing that a good caddie does is make sure that at the end of the round your golfer says, ‘I had a wonderful time today, and your help was terrific. Thank you so much.’” — @DannyR415

9. “Keeps everyone calm and enjoys every minute. Most golfers may only get this experience a few times in their life.” — @TimAlricB

8. “Anticipate the needs of the golfer. Think ahead. Be proactive, not reactive.” — @craiggruen

7. “Everything.” — @sweetppro

6. “Show up sober…” — @MDSS2

5. “Help me make good decisions, read the greens and keep me positive.” — @LandonGilmore44

4. “Give ya the correct yardage.” — @RodneyC55685101

3. “Make PB&J’s.” — @tcmooradian

2. “Keep calm…” — @philkowal

1. “Show up.” — @DryGloveUSA

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