The greatest caddie nicknames of all time and a caddie takes on Q-School… as a player

Steve Hale
Steve Hale, left, has one of the greatest caddie nicknames of all time: Pepsi, in honor of his favorite drink… bottles of which he hides all over the course. Credit: Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Every good bagman needs a great nickname, if nothing else than to solidify his legacy in golf lore. Those of us who were caddies at any point in our lives — myself included — likely had a nickname at one point handed down by the club members or pros for whom we carried.

Earlier this week we sent a tweet from the @CaddieNetwork Twitter account asking our followers for the best caddie nicknames they’ve ever heard.

As usual, our followers did not disappoint. In fact, a few current professional caddies contributed to the conversation. Ryan Rue, who caddied for Tour player John Peterson this year, rattled off a long list of nicknames that reads like a gang from the wild west.

A few notable names like Bones, Fluff, and Pepsi stick out. But if anyone can clarify for me who Last Call, First Call, and Steve the Liar is, I’d very much appreciate it. (Psssst… You can read all about ‘Last Call’ right here)

Moving on…

Perhaps the creepiest nickname of the bunch comes from a local club caddie who, if I can speak for all of us, should forever remain isolated and away from others at all costs.

Last but not least, one of the most interesting backstories for a nickname comes from Twitter follower Ward, who shared this gem.

Earlier this year, caddie Kenny Harms tracked down his caddie brethren for more nicknames…

But life on the caddie circuit isn’t always fun and games. Many caddies are seriously talented golfers in their own right, including Don Donatello who was competing in Champions Tour Q-School last week. While things didn’t go as planned for Don, his post-competition tweet is testament to how difficult qualifying for the big time can be.


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