The biggest multitasker on Tour? How Tim Tucker has embraced his role of being a businessman and caddie

Sep 6, 2018; Newtown Square, PA, USA; Bryson DeChambeau (left) and his caddie Tim Tucker (right) walk off the putting green during the first round of the BMW Championship golf tournament at Aronimink GC. Mandatory Credit: Eric Sucar-USA TODAY Sports

When people choose a career path, they generally stick to one field.

Some may become a caddie. Others could be a businessman.

But in the case of Tim Tucker, he’s both.

After leaving the bag of Bryson DeChambeau in July 2021, Tucker returned to Bandon Dunes where he used to caddie and started a luxury bus service called LOOP Golf Transportation.

His business was an instant hit.

“Bandon gets booked over a year out, and our service is starting to become that way,” Tucker said.

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As if running his own business hasn’t been keeping Tucker busy the past few months, he picked up a gig caddying for Adam Svensson at last week’s Sony Open.

Just six months after starting LOOP Golf Transportation, Tucker helped lift Svensson to the best finish of his career at Waialae, a tie for seventh. The businessman and caddie feels that the 28-year-old from British Columbia, Canada has a ton of potential.

“Adam’s a phenomenal player and a great young man,” Tucker said. “He’s professional and hard-working and really, really good. I’m sure people are surprised that he popped up in the top 10, but we’re not. We fully expected him to do that.”

Because their first tournament together went so well, Tucker and Svensson are running it back at The American Express this week in La Quinta, California.

With this being his second straight week being away from his business in Oregon, Tucker is starting to become accustomed to working from afar while caddying on the PGA Tour.

Tucker says it wouldn’t be possible to do both without the assistance of his partner Amos Baker, who helps run the business.

“Primarily what I’ve been doing is working on marketing and trying to support Amos with what he’s doing,” Tucker said. “We have three drivers who are phenomenal, so we’re cruising. It’s pretty low maintenance, believe it or not.”

Tucker’s company has four buses that each offer eight captain’s chairs along with a full bathroom, flat-screen TV, sound system and beverage bar. They advertise themselves as a luxury bus service, and according to their customers, it’s just that.

“We had a guy that got off his private jet and said that this bus is nicer than his plane. They’re super luxurious,” Tucker said.

Starting his own business has certainly been a learning curve for Tucker. However, he’s been very thankful for how smoothly everything has gone.

“You’ve got to be really lucky in business. Fortunately for me,” Tucker said, “Bandon is such an amazing facility. They get booked so far out because people love it there and it’s a bucket-list place for people to go. It’s one of those places that will exceed your expectations.”

As a former caddie at Bandon Dunes, Tucker recognized the need to provide better transportation to and from the airport for visiting golfers. He took it upon himself to enhance the experience of people visiting.

“We want these golfers to be able to start their trip the moment they land,” Tucker said. “They can all be in the back of the bus, talking to their buddies, having a cocktail and enjoying their vacation as soon as they leave the airport.”

Tucker felt that a bus service was perfect for Bandon Dunes because of how the golf resort is laid out.

“It works well because there aren’t cars required once you’re there,” he said. “Bandon’s shuttle service on property is super easy, so once you’re there you don’t need other transportation because everything’s on site. It’s less to take our bus than it is for the cost to rent cars for big groups of golfers.”

Tucker believes that caddying at Bandon Dunes gave him a tremendous advantage when starting his business.

“It really helps to have such a great relationship with the people at Bandon,” Tucker said. “They’ve been very supportive of this business and without that, I’d probably be in trouble. I’ve been very fortunate and lucky.”

Tucker isn’t sure what his future holds, but as a businessman and caddie, he’s always thinking about the next shot. He feels that caddying for Svensson is the perfect guy for that.

“I’ve been really impressed with his demeanor,” Tucker said. “He’s focused on being out on the course working on his game for a long time and being one of the best players in the world.”

Tucker says that the two are going to take it week-by-week and not plan anything long-term just yet. He is confident that he’ll be able to effectively run his business on the road while being the best caddie he can be for Svensson.

Tucker is confident that big things are in the future for both Svensson and LOOP Golf Transportation, and he is thankful to be working for both.


  1. Tuck is one of the nicest guys out there. I met Tim a month prior to his debut with Bryson! He looped for me for 5 days at Bandon and we’ve We’ve stayed in touch since. I’ve been able to see him working between the ropes and had the pleasure of outfitting him for 2018 Ryder Cup. It’s no surprise his new venture is a hit! He’s well thought out and knows what golfers need, especially at Bandon!! Tim will get another full time bag, he’s too good not to!

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