The best caddying advice you’ve ever received

Jeff Johnson
If it weren’t for some great advice from veteran caddie Damian Lopez, Jeff Johnson likely would never have landed the bag of Tyrone Van Aswegen. Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

What’s the best caddying advice you’ve ever received?

That’s precisely the question we recently asked our Twitter followers. Click here to add to the thread and join the conversation.

You sent in over 30 terrific answers. And while it was mostly caddie-to-caddie advice we were looking for – and we got plenty of those – there were also a couple of caddie-to-player words that were so good, we couldn’t leave them out.

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Here’s a look at the best answers sent in by our Twitter followers…

  1. After landing my first pro bag for the week: “Don’t do anything different than you would for a pro-am. Most pros appreciate a caddie less intense than them.” via @espncaddie #respect — @OfficialRandy

And TCN’s own, Michael Collins, responded: “#Respect #CaddieFamily”

  1. “Get yourself a plane ticket to South America. Thanks @drlopez73!” — @tourcaddie75 (Jeff Johnson)

Jeff actually shared this story, and more, in the video below.

  1. “Talk in terms of where your player should hit it, not where he/she shouldn’t hit it.” — @MikeButeau

  2. “If you can pee in the cup, don’t play any break.” — @dadgumit99

  3. “A friend of my dad’s, who happens to be a world-class caddie, said to him when faced with a par 3 over water… ‘you can take one more club, or two more shots.’” — @MarkPNeville

  4. “Always be positive.” — @tsrfarr

  5. “After hitting on 18th green at the Old Course at @TheHomeofGolf – ‘Enjoy the walk.’” — @erganderson

How great is that? Just three, simple words from a caddie, but three, simple words that player will never forget to cap off a bucket-list round.

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  1. “Less is more. Keep it short and sweet,” — @Pacduneslooper

  2. “Anything followed by calling me, ‘Pro.’” — @grungyump

We love this advice, too. No matter the level of ability, imagine the boost of confidence a caddie gives a player by calling him or her, “pro,” right before a shot?

  1. “Ball move, caddie move.” — @BrianLapeGolf

  2. Bel-Air CC (2 inches from my face)…


Me: Yes!

Caddie: Then you’re going to make a lot of birdies today!

… I did! — @wdlyon

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