Tell me you’re obsessed with golf without actually telling me you’re obsessed with golf

Cam Davis celebrates with his caddie after making an eagle at the 17th during the final round of Rocket Mortgage Classic at the Detroit Golf Club in Detroit, Sunday, July 4, 2021.

Golf can quickly turn from a hobby to an obsession. The game’s unique ability to test your skills always keeps you wanting to come back for more.

We asked the TCN Twitter fan base to respond to the following poll: “Tell me you’re obsessed with golf without actually telling me you’re obsessed with golf.”

Here were the top 27 responses. Click here to follow – or add – to the thread.

27. “I picked my wedding day to be the same weekend as The Open Championship so I will never forget my anniversary. Then there’s my Twitter handle of course…” — @Alanfairweather

26. “I recognized Cliff Kresge in TSA line at an airport.” — @harryarnett

25. “I’ve been gifted toilet golf for Xmas no less than 5 times.” — @Pooshdaddy


23. “My left hand is noticeably paler than my right.” — @HogansBookLied

22. “Instead of going to Vegas and strippers, I just spent a week at Pinehurst for my bachelor party.” — @IrishRedhawk

21. “I have a 5:30am alarm set for Saturday morning and wake up before it.” — @ScottDownieTx


19. “I wear medicated patches on both shoulders to be able to swing with arthritis and no pain.” — @treehousedean

18. “My wife has zero interest in golf, but can converse about The Cat, Phil, Rickie’s Sunday orange, Matt Wolff’s swing, Bryson, Golfer’s Journal, Roger Steele, Used Golf Facts, Bandon, Morikawa as phenom, Rahmbo’s temper, JT’s potty mouth, links golf, and Amen Corner at will.” — @ProdigalGolfer

17. “Scheduling your knee replacement around a visit to a little resort in southern Oregon.” — @thetripleBB

16. “I’ve seen ‘Tommy’s Honour’ more times than I’ve seen ‘Roadhouse’ (Roadhouse far superior film).” — @laz_versalles

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15. “I walked 27 in 85% humidity because I found something with the dead hand Stricker wedge and just had to hit a few more balls. Woke up with cramps bent like a pretzel. Totally worth it.” — @johnnycourage

14. “My Twitter Handle includes PGA but I’m not an actual member of the PGA.” — @KurtisDGoff_PGA

13. “Hey honey… but this tournament I’m watching only happens once a year.” — @biggsyNC

12. “Played golf in the morning, got married, played another 18 in the afternoon.” — @golfgirlrobin


10. “The Masters theme music is good entrance music for a wedding… I plan my wardrobe of golf tourney shirts. I keep track of the years by who won the majors.” — @Akilgore57

9. “I wake up earlier on the weekends than I do weekdays.” — @JasonEasley8

8. “I follow Caddie Network on Twitter… from Australia!” — @lovingit5555


6. “I have an overlapping grip when peeing.” — @KevinHa76762123

5. “After 49 years playing I still have first tee jitters.” — @HDLowrider50

4. “I have a reoccurring weekly weekend argument.” — @KCrouch05

3. “I turn on Golf Channel when I get back from the course.” — @PinehurstGolfer

2. “I just sent my divorce attorney 2 dozen ProV1’s.” — @corian727

1. “I named my dog ‘Augusta.’” — @vangolfinc


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