Pros vs. Joe’s and the search for the perfect pizza

Kenny Harms
Try as he might, Kenny Harms — caddie for Kevin Na — is having no luck finding a decent pizza abroad. Credit: Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Professional caddies have the unique position of watching the best golfers and loopers in the world play the game on a daily basis. Over time, these caddies will develop a keen eye to pinpoint the differences between pro golfers and everyone else who picks up a golf club. In many ways, caddies can spot a pro from miles away… or even while getting off the elevator.

Kip Henley shared a hilarious example of his ability on Twitter earlier in the week. After having caddied five consecutive days in scalding hot Malaysian weather, he and some friends took advantage of a Monday off-day. After enjoying a few beverages that night, Henley and his crew spotted a few colleagues nearby.

Apparently there are no days off for guys like Charles Howell III (Charlie 3 Sticks), his caddy Nick and Brandt Snedeker. Personally, I’d be with Kip pounding a few back!

Meanwhile, Kenny Harms — caddie for Kevin Na — continues his search for the perfect pizza while traveling abroad. His latest stop was at JeJu Island in South Korea, and he shared his latest review on Instagram:


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“Did you guys see that? The crust actually bounced.” I’m guessing Kenny wasn’t too impressed with this take on a Margherita pizza.

And finally, shoutout to caddie Brent Henley. He helped caddie Woody Austin to victory on the PGA Tour Champions on Sunday. So how did he celebrate? With a meal fit for a king, of course…

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