My most treasured golf possession is __________.

Phil Mickelson poses with the Wanamaker Trophy after he wins the PGA Championship. Credit: David Yeazell-USA TODAY Sports

Every golf enthusiast has that extra special golf possession that they hold dearly. Whether it’s a framed flag above their desk or an autographed golf ball in their basement, there’s nothing they’d trade it for.

We wanted to find out what valued golf items our TCN followers had, so we asked them to tell us in a recent Twitter poll: “My most treasured golf possession is __________.”

Here are the 31 best responses. Click here to follow – or add – to the thread.



3.“The signed flag from Taylor Pendrith’s win on the Makenzie tour that I caddied for him.” — @Troy89689324


5.“A signed scorecard from Augusta National by Jack Nicklaus.” — @hetriedrealhard


7. “My grandpa’s 1972 Wilson 1 iron. Had to cut 3.5” off of it since he was 6’7 and I’m very much not. Purest feeling in the world when flushed.” — @thestables18996


9. “Advil.” — @j_canales87


11. “The ball I played 18 holes without losing.” — @HeidlageJJ


13. “A Texas Tech ball marker my son gave me when he went to cover the NCAA regionals his school’s women’s golf team qualified for!” — @viking10595


15. “My scorecard from the first time shooting -3 (69). (Summer rules and no gimmes.)” — @paulgentile61

16. “Signed Tiger pass from Carnoustie Open or the Paris Ryder Cup fully signed pin flag, both in person.” — @fatcat42


18. “My rangefinder… having distance and learning my clubs and my distance range has been key in getting my handicap down.” — @cathzoe40

19. “The memory of my first birdie and first eagle.” — @Ejgoblue1


21. “A scorecard from my son’s 62 he shot while in his first season of college golf! He was over the moon!” — @dallasreese

22. “One of my dad’s (deceased for 10 yrs) Eisenhower bicentennial dollars. Used as a ball marker.” — @ScottSorrel


24. “A print of hole 17 at Bay Hill with a signed personal note from Arnold Palmer.” — @kentcalhoun14

25. “Any saved @PhilMickelson YouTube videos on short game…” — @rickbow4


27. “A vial of sand that my mum *scooped* out of a bunker at the Masters practice round at Augusta in ‘94.” — @ASMcMillan

28. “My chainsaw. The woods are a pain, and I’m always there.” — @Wxpadawan71


30. “My Dad’s first full set. Macgregor Silver Scots.” — @GimmeTheDriver 

31. “My grandfather’s leather barrel bag.” — @billywoodcrest

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