Tim Guiliano

How long have you caddied?
Since 2012

Players I’ve caddied for…
Brandon Harkins, Tim O’Neal, David Frost, Richy Werenski, Lanto Griffin

Childhood hometown…
Windsor, CT

High School Attended…
Windsor High School, Class of ’04

Did you play college golf?

Where did you play?
Eckerd College (2004-2008)

What is your greatest golf memory?
Anytime I can play with Dad. And, or course, whenever I get to play Augusta National.

What is your greatest memory as a caddie?
Three days on the bag for Jack Nicklaus.

What is the best part about being a caddie?
Being in the hunt on Sundays. It’s a rush.

Favorite professional golfer growing up?
Sergio Garcia

Favorite country to visit?

Favorite course to caddie?
Riviera Country Club

Favorite Course to play?
Augusta National Golf Club

Professional interests outside of golf?

Favorite food?
Maine Lobster, Grouper

Favorite beverage?
Kombucha, Coffee & Baileys, Rum

Favorite restaurant?
Carbones Restaurant in Hartford, CT.

Favorite bar?
El Alfar in Consuegra, Spain

Favorite sports team?
Hartford Whalers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Real Madrid, Boston Red Sox

Favorite movie?
A Christmas Story

Who would be in your dream golf foursome, as a player?
My Dad, and two other golf buddies, Jeff Brown and “Doc” Alexander. This was my favorite group growing up and we had epic matches

Hobbies outside of Golf?
Hockey, Surfing, Wood working, music, playing the guitar, Capoeira, cooking, going to concerts, hanging with my family. Paddle Boarding. Camping. Professional Bull Riding Events. I love to travel, I have been to 21 different countries. I love to learn languages, I am fluent in Spanish and am currently trying to learn Portuguese. I really like to watch movies. I have run with the bulls, been inside The Great Pyramid, backpacked through Europe and Morocco, surfed in Hawaii, and have run a mile in 5 minutes and 11 seconds.

Any other information you would like for us to know that we may have not previously known?
The thing I am most proud of is marrying my wife and being the father to our only child. I am a husband and a Dad first, caddie second. I consider myself to be a “Soul Golfer.” It’s what I love to do and I do it for the thrill and because I find peace in it. I travel with my clubs every week and try to play as much as I can. My favorite store to go shopping in is Costco, you can find anything there. Converse, Rainbow Sandals, Volkswagen, Home Depot and Costco.