Meet the caddie: Terry Walker

Terry Walker

Twitter Handle

How long have you caddied?
Since 2010

Players I’ve caddied for…
Andrew Landry, Bronson Burgoon, Lucas Lee

Childhood hometown…
El Dorado, KS

Which college did you attend?
Wichita State University
Indiana University @ South Bend

Did you play college golf?

Did you play any other sports in college?
Yes, Tennis at Wichita State University

What is your golf handicap?
8 index

What is your greatest golf memory?
Watching my son win the Speedgolf World Championship in 2010.

What is your greatest memory as a caddie?
Winning the Great Abaco Classic in the Bahamas with Andrew Landry.

What is the best part about being a caddie?
After a 30-year career in logistics, I decided to pursue my dream of being a professional caddie on the PGA Tour. I was a tennis professional many years ago, and being a professional caddie brings back those competitive juices to be successful and win.

Favorite professional golfer growing up?
Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus

Favorite city to visit?
Charlotte, NC

Favorite course to caddie?
Augusta National

Favorite course to play?
Woodlands CC – Tournament Course

Professional interests outside of golf?

Favorite food?
Filet mignon

Favorite beverage?
Iced tea

Favorite restaurant?
Longhorn Steakhouse

Favorite bar?
Do not drink

Favorite sports team?
Houston Texans, Houston Astros, and Notre Dame Football and Golf

Favorite movie?

Who would be in your dream golf foursome, as a player?
My Father-in-law, Tiger Woods, Andrew Landry

Hobbies outside of golf?
Fishing, Snow Skiing, tennis, I also collect rare coins

Any other information you would like for us to know that we may have not previously known?
This is my retirement job after 30 years in logistics.

Who is your inspirational role model?
My Father-in-Law, Joe Moeller.

Do you have a nickname on Tour and why?
T or Papa T. My grandchildren call me Papa T, so one of the caddies started calling me by that name. T comes from the fact that I drink a lot of iced tea and it is my first initial.

What is your favorite stop on Tour and why?
Wells Fargo in Charlotte, NC. I get to stay with a husband and wife named Ric and Lu Sheer. They are both volunteers at the tournament ad I feel just at home with them.

What is your favorite restaurant on Tour and why?
Longhorn Steakhouse. I am a steak and potatoes kind of guy!

Greatest golf shot you have personally witnessed on tour?
It was every shot hit between Andrew Landry and John Rahm at Palm Springs in 2018. Just incredible playing by both of them.


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