Meet the caddie: Malcolm Baker

Which college did you attend? 
Corpus Christi College

Did you play any sports? 
Yes, football and cricket

What is your golf handicap? 

Favorite sports teams…
Dallas Cowboys, West Coast Eagles

Are you involved in a charity/foundation? 
ParTee for Epilepsy

Alternate career choice and why? 
Playing professionally, it’s better than caddying

What three golf players would fill out your dream foursome? 
Tiger, Hogan and Clint Eastwood

What has been the biggest highlight of your caddying career? 
Winning at the Australian Open and Australian PGA Championships back to back weeks

What is your favorite stop on Tour and why? 
Torrey Pines, beautiful location and city

What is your favorite restaurant on Tour and why? 
Peppones in Brentwood, traditional Italian and great wine list

Where do you reside during off season? 


  1. Hey Malcom ,

    Not sure if you have been with Gooch long but I certainly didn’t like his comment to you Saturday. Not sure what hole but I’m always with YOU GUYS. I have played at a competitive level , caddied at a competitive level , and have a business dealing with people all the time. Hope this guy respects you.

    1. Thanks Greg,
      I can assure you that Talor treats me better than any boss I’ve had in 17 years on tour. What you heard was a very small grab from a longer conversation that was actually quite funny.
      Thanks very much for your support, I hope you will keep following us.

  2. Good luck to you guys today. Most good players have a good caddy. I read your profile. I think he is lucky to have you on the bag. We are pulling for you two from Oklahoma.

  3. Great to see Talor play so well at CJ Cup. Im a big fan of his and all OSU Cowboy golfers. Keep up the great play you guys. How long you been on Talor’s bag?

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for the nice comments.
      It was a fun week at an incredible golf course.
      I started with Talor in March of 2017.

  4. Hey Mal great to see you still on the bag first met you in Perth in 1986 you were still at school and you caddied for Robbie Stephens and survived 😛

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