Meet the caddie: John Burke

How long have you caddied?
30 years

Players I’ve caddied for…
Brad Faxon, Davis Love, Bill Haas, Jon Curran

Childhood hometown…
Duluth, Minnesota

High school attended…
Uriah High

Did you play college golf?

College attended
University of Maryland (1968-72)

What is your greatest golf memory?
Caddying for my parents.

What is your greatest memory as a caddie?
Winning Players with Davis.

What is the best part about being a caddie?
Getting in the hunt.

Favorite professional golfer growing up?
Arnold Palmer

Favorite city to visit?
Melbourne, Australia

Favorite course to caddie? 

Favorite course to play?
Valley Club Sun Valley

Professional interests outside of golf?
Hockey Coach

Favorite food? 

Favorite beverage?

Favorite restaurant?
Big Belly Deli

Favorite sports team?
Minnesota Vikings

Favorite movie?
Slap Shot

Who would be in your dream golf foursome, as a player?
Fluff, Skillett and B

Hobbies outside of Golf?

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