If you had $2,000 to spend on ANYTHING golf related, what would it be?

If you had $2,000 to spend on anything golf-related that you wanted, what would you buy?

Golf isn’t cheap, and often, it requires people who love the game to empty their pockets for a nice round.

We were curious, so we asked our TCN Twitter followers: “You have $2,000 to spend on ANYTHING golf related. What are you spending it on?”

Here were the top 25 responses.

24. “Golf balls, I get through shed loads of them!” — @nottmmatt

23. “Paying my competition fee at my local club and then paying for as many others as that money can stretch out to. We can all have a gr8 Saturday on the course👍👌💪⛳🏌️‍♂️.” — @hendygolf


21. “Sending my wife on holiday for two weeks so I can play as often as I want during that time. #Nonbrainer #Coursemanagement.” — @Topgolfertiger

20. “If it is me personally, I’d spend it on U.S. Kids golf clubs to give to the kids at Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital. If it is for the everyday golfer, I’d suggest they spend a significant portion on lessons. — @kevincornPGA

19. “Lessons from @jtedscott.” — @TKoyonen

18. “Flight to Ireland.” — @dageorge1

17. “I’d probably get a new bag, shoes, fitted for 50, 56, and 60 degree wedges, fitted for a driver, 3 wood and 4 hybrid.” — @warner_kt

16. “Several @clawpro men’s golf gloves. Scotty Cameron Newport. The balance on single malt and montecristo’s!” — @garyjlibby

15. “Golf lessons for my kids!” — @Kzicarelli

14. “New clubs for my kids.” — @SHistorians

13. “Plane ticket to St. Andrews.” — @Coach_Hess718

12. “A round with @KipHenley, @GenoBonnalie and @BRENTHENLEY. Have to stay in a sh*t hotel the night before though.” — @Theonelungbandi

11. “Tickets to the Masters for my son and me.” — @DaveGutheil

10. “Pebble Beach x Spyglass x MPCC x Pebble Beach again!” — @deejpuck

9. “My bar tab.” — @BombSquadMatt

8. “18 at pebble…Flight to Maui…18 at Kapalua..Night at the Ritz C.” — @elder255

7. “After looking at @MattGinella this week, a flight to Ireland.” — @StrokesMcDuff

6. “Fitted clubs, simulator, golf lessons. Hopefully I can fit it all in for $2K.” — @NathanGolfer

5. “Would that cover a trip to Scotland to play St Andrews with the old man?” — @LoopersProShop

4. “Three rounds at Pebble Beach; 2 dozen Pro V1s and shirt from the pro shop.” — @oconnor_dick

3. “A set of #Hogan clubs and an expensive pair of shoes (preferably metal spikes!).” — @TotalSoccerFT

2. “Bribe for entry to Augusta to play.” — @GaryBintz

1. “A day of golf with Al Czervik, Ty Webb, and Carl Spackler. LaceyUnderall servin’ us from the beer cart.” — @tsandg8r


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