‘Extra Drive For Sam To Beat Scottie’ — Caddie Travis Perkins Reflects On Sam Burns’ Playoff Win Over Scottie Scheffler at Charles Schwab

Sam Burns won the 2022 Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial with caddie Travis Perkins on the bag. The Caddie Network’s John Rathouz caught up with Perkins to discuss the playoff win over Scottie Scheffler.

In the quick four-minute video above, Rathouz discusses the following topics with caddie Travis Perkins:

  • How the wind direction on Saturday set up Burns’ final round on Sunday
  • What Burns and Perkins did while they waited for the final groups to finish
  • The extra motivation Burns had to beat his buddy Scottie Scheffler in the playoff
  • What Burns plans to do with the classic car he won for winning the tourney

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