WATCH: Caddies Matt Minister, Austin Kaiser discuss Patrick Cantlay-Xander Schauffele’s win at 2022 Zurich Classic

Caddies Matt Minister and Austin Kaiser tell The Caddie Network’s John Rathouz all about the win for Patrick Cantlay and Xander Schauffele at the 2022 Zurich Classic in Louisiana. Topics covered include:

Familiarity leads to fun

Cantlay and Schauffele are good friends and frequently play practice rounds together, and the caddies credit that bond for helping the group stay loose but focused at the 2022 Zurich Classic.

Really good gumbo

The caddies share their favorite dining spot of the week in New Orleans. Go for the double pork chop, stay for the bread pudding.

Grand theft flag

Kaiser shares the story of a near-confrontation with course security when he was unscrewing the flag off the stick, a PGA Tour tradition for the winning caddie.

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