Caddies and players keeping things in perspective

Joel Dahmen
When it comes to banter, it’s hard to imagine a player/caddie combo on the PGA Tour that has more fun than Joel Dahmen and Geno Bonnalie. Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

This week, our caddie social media roundup features examples of the unique partnerships formed between loopers and their players. In many ways they become close to family, and as with all families, there’s always plenty of playful banter.

Take Geno Bonnalie and his player, Joel Dahmen.

The duo didn’t have the best showing at this week’s Honda Classic as Dahmen missed the cut following two rounds over par. Definitely a week to shake off before the next tournament, Bonnalie realized that sometimes a little humor can go a long way to lighten the mood. Or take a jab at your boss. Same same.

Meanwhile, is it just me or are caddies becoming modern day MacGyvers on the golf course? Or in the case of Matt Every’s caddie, Derek Mason, modern day Magellans.

Mason was spotted using what appeared to be a compass during last week’s Honda Classic to help Every with, well, I guess I’m not even sure what that could possibly help with. Maybe they were lost? Does anyone know if the pair was even in the tournament? Where is a marshal when you need one?

Finally this week, Keith Mitchell recorded his first PGA Tour win in impressive fashion by dropping a barrage of birdies to completely bypass the likes of Brooks Koepka and Rickie Fowler. His dramatic final putt on 18 to seal the deal was something he will undoubtedly remember the rest of his life.

So, too, will his celebration following his win thanks to a multi-use trophy. According to Aaron Flener, who carries for JT Poston, Mitchell might have a long night ahead of him.

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