Caddie Talk: Great caddie nicknames

If you’re looking for a great nickname, look no further than the caddie yard. In this edition of “Caddie Talk,” host Michael Collins discusses some of the all-time great caddie nicknames with caddies Micah Fugitt, Dave Stone, Kessler Karain and Damian Lopez.


  1. Give me more of these! Love it! … now do …
    First and Third
    Golf Ball
    Dead Man Walking?

  2. Don’t forget Smiley(had a stroke effected one side of face) Avacado, khaki Roy Stone, Leroy, Goalbys old caddie (always a 1/2 pint
    Available)Preacher, Junkman, Dove, most of these are from the 70’s or earlier Before Fluff was around.👍

  3. What about “squeaky” Rest In Peace, Harold Mitchell Trevino’s man,
    Jacks man with the white Afro. Don’t remember nicknames. But I am sure they had good ones.

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