Caddie John Wood releases song for colleague’s son

Isaiah Tesori
The “caddie family” on the PGA Tour is a tight-knit group. The latest example? John Wood released a song for the son of fellow caddie Paul Tesori, Isaiah.

Earlier in the week we told you the story of caddie John Wood releasing his first music album, which is incredible considering his busy day job carrying for Matt Kuchar. Woody surprised us again this week as we learned he had written and released a song for fellow caddie Paul Tesori’s son, Isaiah.

As Wood mentioned in his interview with TCN, the special song just needed some fine-tuning before being released to the world.

TCN: You have a very limited “offseason.” Is creating music your primary hobby when you’re at home?

Wood: It’s definitely my favorite hobby when I’m home. It’s kind of my morning ritual. Coffee and the music room for five hours or so is usually how I start my day. I’m working on a song for Paul Tesori’s son, Isaiah, who Paul and Michelle say is in love with music. So, I wrote him a fun song about himself that he can sing and dance to. The song’s pretty much written, I just need to bang out a good recording of it.

Tesori’s wife, Michelle, and he refer to Wood lovingly as ‘Uncle John’, who wrote the song for Isaiah who was born with Down syndrome. An incredibly kind gesture, the song “Hey!!! I’m Isaiah!!!” tells the young man’s story from a first-person view and is as powerful as it is thoughtful.

In other caddie news, this picture of Bryson DeChambeau’s caddie, Tim Tucker, has me all sorts of confused.

What in the world happened to Tim’s leg? Was he shot with an arrow during the round? A horrible tee snafu gone wrong? Did Bryson drop his compass while reading a yardage book?

(Sorry, that last one was a cheap shot. But I laughed, so whatever.)

I guess this just goes to show how hard these guys have to work every week, especially when there’s apparently a threat of bodily harm at all times.

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