A ‘classic’ caddie gift is officially delivered, a ridiculous yardage book collection and more

Kenny Harms
It was a pretty amazing “off week” for caddie Kenny Harms, as the 1973 Dodge Challenger gifted to him by boss, Kevin Na, was delivered to his home. Photo: Kevin Na on Instagram

You may remember back in May, where moments after winning the Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial, Kevin Na said he would be gifting the fully-restored, 1973 Dodge Challenger that went to the champion to his longtime caddie, Kenny Harms.

It was an incredibly cool gesture from Na, one that truly touched Harms… even if he had been playfully nagging Na all week with, “If we win, that car is mine!”

Well, this past week, the classic car was delivered to Harms’ home in Florida and he — and Na — shared how it went down on social media.


Sweet hat, Kenny!







Aaron Flener, caddie for J.T. Poston, is always one of our favorite follows on social media. This week didn’t disappoint. First there was this video Flener posted from last Sunday after a night out in Hartford:

Then, with Levelwear Golf once again hooking up the caddies with a caddie lounge in Detroit — similar to the Canadian Open a few weeks back — Flener showed off a t-shirt the caddies received and even joked about one of the amenities of the lounge…

The story of the week came courtesy of longtime caddie Steve Hulka.

Hulka has been a staple on the PGA Tour since the 1970s. On Thursday, he dropped an incredible story on TCN, detailing what it was like to be a caddie on Tour during the 1970s with some awesome, insider tidbits.

This was definitely one of those stories you just didn’t want to end. Lucky for all of us, it’s just the first of three installments — two more to come — from Hulka. In the meantime, get caught up with the first installment. You’ll love it…

Out of nowhere on Friday, The Caddie Network received a text message from our buddy John Wood (caddie for Matt Kuchar). It read: “What does 23 years worth of yardage books look like?”

Well, with the image Wood included, it looked like art. We quickly posted the image and it REALLY took off…


How cool is that?

Ted Scott — Bubba Watson’s righthand man — made it out to the range for a practice session. It was there that he had Brandon Parsons (J.B. Holmes) providing some, um, encouragement.

Finally, there was this from Austin Cook’s man, Kip Henley. We believe the correct answer is: “Neither.”

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