37 of the most bizarre things you’ve seen on the golf course

That’s ice he’s putting on.

Spend enough time outside – and especially on a golf course – and from time to time, you’re going to stumble upon some stuff.

Funny, weird, strange, bizarre, what-the-hell-did-my-eyes-just-see stuff.

So, we wanted to hear about some of that crazy stuff you’ve seen.

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We asked our @CaddieNetwork Twitter followers: What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever seen happen on a golf course?

And, boy, you people have seen some things! Here’s a collection of your answers (in no particular order):

37. Hate when this happens…



36. Oh, man…

35. Can’t blame the golfer for asking…


34. “Had a hot air balloon land on the course right when one of the most disliked golfers in the club was getting ready to putt! It was actually pretty fun to be in the group.” — @Ridgetrim

33. “Bournemouth Open, playing partner going well and pulls tee shot miles left and long into Jumanji on a par 3. Swears, kicks bag, throws another ball onto tee and hits it without thinking. One bounce and in the hole for an easy par! Didn’t look for first ball, obviously!” — @lumpusme

32. “Two guys get in a fist fight and then get back in the cart and keep playing.” — @dbstrong7

31. How does this even happen?


30. “Practice round in Sarasota. Boo hits second after Callum Terren. Our ball lands on his and bounces 30 yards over green. It was a good shot until it landed.” — @RyanBocchino

29. My boy @titleist3ru literally chunked a tee shot into the water on the 15th @KingsbarnsGL except the ball bounced on the rocks back into play. He got it up and down from the forward tee box to win the hole. I birdied 18 for the win against @WRossYoung and Twitterless Pete.” — @davidmhoover

28. “A friend was teeing off on a par 3, hits it thin off the toe, the ball hits the tee marker of the set of tees in front of us, ricocheted back and hits him in the shin!!” — @derbycaddy

27. Hahahaha…

26. “Saw a giant ass coyote on Pinehurst No. 2 eating a hawk. Caddied there for 6 years, only coyote I’ve ever seen.” — @tmarkey11

25. “Right rough at Milburn CC, I try a punch out and I hit a tree. My buddy, leaning on his wedge on the fairway, is looking for the ball when he falls over. The ball hit the tree, went sideways and clipped the wedge he was leaning on and snapped the shaft. 1 in a billion.” — @ArthurBridgens

24. “My buddy standing in the middle of the 18th fairway on the Osprey Course at Kiawah snapping the shaft of every single club over his leg after he blades it over the green and knew he’d lost every bet that day. Cost him $200 to re-shaft his clubs after he lost $45.” — @marc_hanson

23. “Playing 5 5 5. I made double eagle and my partner and I only won one bet. The next round I made hole-in-one and same thing. One bet won.” — @DiezPGA

22. “Late afternoon, playing skins in a 7-some, all members. One guy on the left side in the rough hit a split second after an older guy on the right side hit his shot. The balls collided in the air on the way down.” — @jjrrugg

21. “Stood beside a guy that got hit with a drive right above his temple from 15-20 yards away. It ricocheted about 100 yards behind the tee and over the range. He still played three holes with a swollen eye before finally being convinced to go to the hospital.” — @mellowstranger

20. “Portarlington GC (country golf course). Playing partner goes into the scrub to relieve himself. I hear a yell and when I get there he is on the ground writhing in agony. His stream had made contact with the farmers electrified fence.” — @pooley57

19. “My buddy shanked one on a 200-yard par 3. Went 45 degrees right through the window of a shed 25 yards away. He told the owner. Very next day he’s teeing off and again shanks it right. Puts a hole in the cardboard covering the window. Unreal.” — @TSK2700

18. “Hand to god, I got a hole in one… on the wrong hole.” — @mcclimans_eric

17. Daaaaamn…

16. “Honestly, it wasn’t even golf related. But a hawk swooped down right in front of us and snagged a 3-foot and thick snake into its talons out of the rough, ascended and kept it moving.” — @ODhere

15. “Guy in group in front of us is teeing off next hole as we approach our green. Tee shot catches a tree, comes back 40 yards and goes in the cup of our green. After the laughter stopped, he was told he would have to take an unplayable penalty too.” — @sportsbiff1

14. Yikes…

13. “I once saw a wooden bench blown across the 10th fairway at St. Andrews like a tumbleweed in 100 mph winds. Yes, there were people trying to play!” — @GusTheCaddie88

12. “While caddying, my player snap hooked his tee shot on a par three which struck a large hardwood tree and ricocheted through a bunker up onto the green and rolled into the hole for an ace. The rest of the round the group bickered about whether it was a legitimate hole-in-one.” — @ChicagoObserver

11. This isn’t something you see every day on the golf course…

10. “Buddy skulled a wedge into a passing train, into box car open door, heard it bang around… 500-mile wedge.” — @CarsleyGolf

9. This stuff happens more often than most people would think…

8. “Watching a dude on a minibike (in the 70s, small motorcycle) drive right onto the 10th green and start doing donuts.” — @truthinsports58

7. “One male member lost control of his electric caddy and it rolled into the pond. While trying to warn her husband that his cart was rolling away, her cart then also rolled into the pond!” — @StevoLeblanc

6. “@AaronFlener Argentina? Running into a tree branch and knocking myself out??” — @StevenFox4

5. “Watched our head pro drive his golf cart into a lake, clubs attached. He was pissed he missed a putt on the last hole that cost him money.” — @WiscHawg

4. “One of my guys comes in on Sunday morning still in the wedding tux from the night before. Changes pins in said tux. Passed out on 14, but rallied and finished all 18. It was an instant classic.” — @OHGC_GM

3. “My foursome made the following scores on a 315-yard par 4 early one morning… Hole-in-one, Eagle, Birdie, Par… we had a 1,2,3, and 4 on the hole.” — @dagolfballguy

And, apparently there’s more to the story above…


2. From the “sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good” files…

1. Talk about a slick putt…

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