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Caddie Confidential: Which player on Tour is the best to the caddies?

When it comes to how players on Tour treat caddies, loopers believe Lucas Glover is among the all-time good guys. Credit: Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the 12th installment of our 2021 “Caddie Confidential” series, with monthly, inside-the-ropes perspective from dozens of Tour caddies on rotating golf topics. Up this month: we look ahead to 2022 and poll caddies on which players they expect to have a breakout season, which tournament they believe their player has the best chance of winning, which player treats the caddies best and, finally, we ask — if you could loop for any young, non-major-winning (yet) player on Tour, who would it be.

Every walk of life has its share of the good eggs and the ones, well, you’d rather not bother with.

Professional golf is no exception. When it comes to the PGA Tour, we wondered: which players are sort of in that group of all-time good guys — the ones that aren’t just good with their peers, but also good to the caddies and fans.

We polled nearly four dozen PGA Tour caddies to get their opinion on the Tour’s good guys, promising them anonymity in an effort to get their most honest answers.

Here’s what they told us.

Which player on Tour is the best to the caddies?

Check out this selection of responses from caddies:

Webb Simpson. Nicest human I have ever been around. Class Act!

Too tough to answer… lots of players love caddies.

Robert Garrigus although he’s no longer out here.

Webb Simpson. Treats each guy with respect. Always asks intentional questions about family and is always kind.

Lucas Glover. Always says hi, is super easy going and funny.

Brice Garnett. He always likes to hang out with the caddies.

Garrigus leaves all other players in the dust, but Joel Dahmen is the best now!

There are a few. Good pay and very respectful.

John Rahm. He treats his caddie like a brother.

Andrew Landry. Always respectful and a great sense of humor. He seems to truly care about people and is upbeat and positive.

Zach Johnson. He’s been around long enough that he just gets it.

I’d give the nod to Lucas Glover. Just a genuine nice guy and the story of how he hired his caddie Coop says a lot about him.

Such a tough question to ask. There are more than I can name. But if I had to pick one, I’d say Robert Garrigus. Even though he doesn’t have status anymore, I’d still pick him.

Lucas Glover, great guy. Nice person.

Xander Schauffele. He loves his guy. He’s family before employee.

Lucas Glover. Been loyal his entire career to his loop and just seems to get it.

Is there one? I’d say any player that doesn’t bitch, whine or blame. Is there one? Being good with the coin doesn’t hurt. Is there one?

Not sure there is one! Used to be Garrigus.

Lucas Glover. One of the best dudes out there.

Harold Varner. Actually he is good and upbeat to all people.

Joel Dahmen. Joel actually hangs out with a lot of caddies. He’s randomly bought my meal when I’ve seen him at a restaurant. All around good dude.

Lucas Glover. Engages everyone and remembers caddie names.

Robert Garrigus is great to all of us and very generous also.

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