19 pieces of caddie advice that has stuck with you

caddie advice
Along with helping you during a round, caddies have been known to pass along advice that can stick with you forever. Credit: Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

There’s so much you can learn about yourself as a golfer when you take a caddie.

Along the way, you might even be lucky enough to receive some sage advice from your looper.

We recently asked our Twitter followers the following question: What’s one piece of advice a caddie has passed along that has always stuck with you?

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We received so many great answers, we wanted to share a collection of them here for players and caddies. For players, maybe you’ll find something here that resonates with your own game. For caddies, perhaps you’ll find a nugget of wisdom (or a light-hearted, well-timed quip… some of which we wouldn’t recommend unless you know your player’s sense of humor well) you can share with a player during your next loop…

  1. “Don’t do anything stupid.” — @amandagolf59
  2. “Hit a club to the back of the green yardage.” — @Best_In_Golf
  3. “’You try that shot and you’re one swing away from a triple.’ That was just last week!” — @tomfaulds
  4. “You’re not good enough to get that mad, so get it together, man!” — @pwammer
  5. “You miss 100 percent of the shots that don’t get there! (in reference to putting)” — @DaniellaCarlisi
  6. “Swing your swing and blame me for a bad shot.” — @N0RMANCH0MSKY
  7. “Good tempo.” — @jwcwahoo
  8. “After me asking how much break to play on a short putt, ‘Bullets don’t bend.’” — @jlpfcc
  9. “Never leave an eagle putt short.” — @jeffmkeckler
  10. “Commit.” — @dgchmiel
  11. “Advance the ball laddie.” — @ned93
  12. “Hitting out of the rough on 18 @royalportrush: ‘Greg Norman hit a 6-iron onto the green from here. You’re not Greg Norman.’” — @gordongolf
  13. “The flag is a destination, not a target.” — @Garsyll
  14. “Have a go. We’re not here for a haircut.” — @alecblair
  15. “After telling my caddie at the Old Course that I was nervous, he looked at me and said, ‘relax! It’s just a golf course.’ Now that’s the way I look at every course I play no matter the history.” — @blitzkrieg_golf
  16. “’Positive vibes only.’ Seems obvious but easier said than done.” — @G87Mac
  17. “Playing The Old Course. No. 10… 50 yards from the green. Paddy said, ‘Use a 7-iron, chip and run.’ I said, ‘sand-wedge.’ He said, ‘All you Americans want to do is hit your f@!%ing sand wedge.’ He said, ‘Chip and run.’ I skulled my sand-wedge onto the other green, 110 feet away. He didn’t talk to me for two holes.” — @CarlseyGolf
  18. “Walked to the tips. Caddie and bag are at the whites. Caddie: ‘make you a deal. If we’re making too many birdies, we’ll move back.’” — @BlakeWilliamsSF
  19. “You don’t yell ‘fore’ … you f’n scream ‘FOOOORRRRREEEEEE!!!!!’ Scottish caddie-style.” — @mh1229mh1229


  1. Always take advise from your caddie unless it’s Whitey. Was a new member so readily accepted advise of this seasoned caddy.
    Me: #6 Secession ” Whitey, it looks like it breaks right to left”
    Whitey: “No, it breaks left to right”
    Me: “Are you sure?”
    Whitey: Emphatically “Absolutely!”
    Me: After putting to left edge and see it break further left. Shaking my head.
    Whitey: “My Bad”

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