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FAQ: Do caddies have to be in good shape?

Caddies come in all shapes and sizes, but for many, fitness is a big part of being ready for the job. Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Through our readers and social media followers here at The Caddie Network, we often receive questions related to the caddie profession. We’ve collected the most frequently asked questions from our readers and followers and tasked actual PGA Tour caddies to serve up the answers based on their experiences. Here are the answers — from PGA Tour caddies — to the questions we most often receive from you.

Does being a PGA Tour caddie require one to be a poster child for fitness? Not necessarily. Here’s an explanation from caddie Tim Giuliano on how it is when it comes to caddies and being in shape.

Do caddies have to be in good shape?

Giuliano: I want to boost my own ego and say that we are all built like Greek Gods, but the reality is that we all come in different shapes and sizes.

That being said, we are all physically fit enough to carry a 25-50 lb. bag anywhere from 5-11 miles per round. I would say the majority of the caddies hit the gym or do some sort of physical activities outside of work in order to maintain their fitness. I know a lot of us travel with foam rollers or Hypervolt massage guns to work out any aches and pains we develop along the way. Foot, knee and back injuries are really common. For the most part though, I would say most caddies are conscience about their bodies. Don’t let a guy like Fluff’s appearance fool you… beneath that amazing ‘stache and cigarette smoke is one physically tough guy that can go the distance.

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