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Watch: A chat with caddie John Rathouz

John Rathouz, Seamus Power
Caddie John Rathouz, here with Seamus Power, had an interesting path to landing a job on the PGA Tour. Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

A common question PGA Tour caddies are often asked is this: How did you break into caddying in the first place?

For caddie John Rathouz — currently with Seamus Power — it started years ago when he was at a Tour event in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, as, get this, a communications intern.

While there, he hung out with some caddies, including TCN’s own Michael Collins, and the rest is history.

We caught up with Rathouz to learn more about how that all went down, what life on the road is like, learned about his favorite stop on Tour and also how he became the giver of one of the most well-known nicknames on Tour.

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