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This is a breakdown — by caddie — of Tiger Woods’s 82 career PGA Tour victories

Over the course of his record-tying 82 career PGA Tour wins, Tiger Woods has employed the services of four different caddies.

A Tiger Woods victory in the 2019 ZOZO Championship — the inaugural PGA Tour event in Japan — proved historic. With the victory, Woods notched his 82nd career PGA Tour win, tying him for first all time with the legendary Sam Snead.

The latest win — unsurprisingly — came with caddie Joe LaCava on the bag.

Ask most people how many different caddies he has won a PGA Tour event with and you’re likely to hear: “Three — Mike ‘Fluff’ Cowan, Steve Williams and LaCava.”

A logical guess, but that answer would actually be wrong.

In his 82 career wins, Woods has actually used the services of four different caddies.

Along with the household names we’ve already listed, which account for 81 wins combined, Woods won the 1999 Buick Invitational with longtime friend and occasional fill-in caddie, Bryon Bell.

Here is a chronological look at — per caddie — of Tiger’s 82 career PGA Tour wins. Major championships are in bold.

Mike “Fluff” Cowan was Tiger’s first caddie when he turned pro. Together, the pair won seven PGA Tour events, including Tiger’s first major — the 1997 Masters. Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Caddie: Mike “Fluff” Cowan
Time spent with Tiger: 
August 1996-February 1999
No. of PGA Tour wins: 7
No. of major wins: 1

At times throughout his career, Tiger Woods has used longtime friend Bryon Bell as a fill-in caddie. In 1999, the pair won the Buick Invitational together. Credit: Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Caddie: Bryon Bell
Time spent with Tiger: 
Occasional fill-in caddie/longtime friend of Woods
No. of PGA Tour wins: 1
No. of major wins: 0

Tiger Woods and Steve Williams began working together in 1999, which was the start of the most successful player/caddie pair in golf history with 63 wins, including 13 majors. Credit: Joe Robbins-USA TODAY Sports © Copyright 2006 Joe Robbins

Caddie: Steve Williams
Time spent with Tiger:
March 1999-July 2011
No. of PGA Tour wins: 63
No. of major wins: 13

Together, Tiger Woods and Joe LaCava have had 11 wins and counting on the PGA Tour, but none sweeter than the 2019 Masters — Tiger’s 15th major win overall. Credit: Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

Caddie: Joe LaCava
Time spent with Tiger:
September 2011-present
No. of PGA Tour wins: 11
No. of major wins: 1

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