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Tell me you’re a caddie without actually telling me you’re a caddie…

Life as a caddie stated in 25 ways from real-life caddies. Credit: Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Caddying is a unique job.

Whether you’re carrying the bag of a professional or someone who just picked up the sport, all caddies have similar experiences to the obscurities that each day brings.

We asked the TCN Twitter fanbase to respond to the following poll: “Tell me you’re a caddie without actually telling me you’re a caddie.”

Here are our 25 favorite responses.


24. “Can you believe where they have us parked this week?” — @cameronpercy1

23. “When I play with my buddies I clean their ball and they ask me every shot, ‘you think this is enough?’ I’m like, ‘bro, I’m off this week!’” — @Mvillegas03

22. “Did anyone mark the blank heads?” — @AaronFlener


20. “Is there anything you want to take out of this tweet, lighten it up a bit?” — @LoopersProShop

19. “150 pin. 142 cover.” — @GottaAskKay

18. “That didn’t break!! I said inside left, so why didn’t it go in then???” — @DrewStyles2

17. “Pass me my rain jacket, I’m headed to the caddie lounge…” — @StephenRoche100


15. “‘Would someone please just write the front numbers? This isn’t a secret code.’” — @Cheisey3317

14. “You don’t get a yardage for the second shot on a par 3.” — @DaPro63

13. “I gotta pay 50 cents for a Coke because Lou has been losing at the track lately.” — @Club_ZRock

12. “Take it up high where Momma hides the cookies.” — @DennisTech1

11. “Swamp ass and wet feet are my two biggest problems.” — @OcStagger

10. “Hey, you know, how ‘bout something for the effort.” — @krabman23

9. “Player: ‘Do you have change?’ Me: ‘Yes, for $200.’” — @brendantakacs


7. “I have chaffing on my nipples that isn’t from breastfeeding.” — @caddietales

6. “‘How are those Hoka’s? Comfortable?’” — @BenHulka

5. “Did someone say free hot dogs?” — @ga_pike

4. “Peanut butter crackers, banana, and a Gatorade at the turn… all consumed within two minutes.” — @Gus_Op

3. “Must’ve caught a gust.” — @bambisaboysname

2. “137 yards out.  Here’s your 6 iron.” — @yabboyabbo

1. “‘I’d keep playing. I don’t think the heavy stuff is going to come down for quite a while.’ ~CarlSpackler” — @JudgeSmailsGolf

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