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How caddies recuperate and reflect after 72 holes

Gillette Club 72 member Matt Minister, caddie for Patrick Cantlay. Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Gillette allows you to stay prepared for whatever comes in life, keeps you dry, allows you to stay fresh until that 72 holes is up, allows people to focus on their lives without the stress of potentially sweating — just like caddies help pros focus on their golf rounds – and continues to deliver on its promise of freshness during high-pressure moments. Just like caddies help keep players calm during these moments. Gillette 72 Club caddie members Matt Minister and Ryan Goble told us how they prepare for all these situations on the course.

When it comes to measuring success in professional golf, it all comes down to money. And to “be in the money,” players on major tours must first make a 36-hole cut.

Players who miss the cut – more than half the starting field each week – go home empty handed.

The goal is always to win, but before that happens, surviving the first 36 holes is the only way to guarantee 72 holes and a coveted cut of those large purses.

For caddie Ryan Goble, a member of Gillette’s 72 Club, there’s one thing that sticks out for both players and caddies after making the cut.

“Get more rest,” Goble said. “Tournament golf is a marathon, not a sprint. To stay in it both physically and mentally over the course of 72 holes, you need to be good to your body and give it the rest it needs to recuperate.”

Veteran caddie and 72 Club member Matt Minister is no stranger to long weeks. The stars he’s caddied for rarely miss cuts. Post-tournament, Minister likes to do some self-evaluation.

“After finishing a 72-hole event I like to analyze the things I did good or bad,” Minister said. “I try to think about the information I gave and whether I was right or wrong. Was my strategy about each hole correct? It is the key to improving, not only for the next event but also for when I return to the same tournament next year. Having the experience of 72 holes will give you the added knowledge to better prepare a strategy to attack the course the next time you play it.”

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