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‘Happy Hour’ Podcast: Episode 4 with Aaron Flener and Joe Horowitz

Joe Horowitz. Photo:

In this week’s ‘Happy Hour’ podcast on The Caddie Network, caddie Aaron Flener chats with musician Joe Horowitz — who also happens to be a professional golfer. The pair shares some great, inside stories you’re sure to enjoy and Horowitz also performs a couple of songs. So, go grab your beverage of choice, then sit back, relax and enjoy this ‘Happy Hour’ podcast!

You can either watch the video above, or listen to the audio above.

This podcast is also available on Apple Podcast and Spotify by searching “Caddies Network.”

Also, during this COVID-19 pandemic, Horowitz has been playing live shows on Sunday nights beginning at 8:30 p.m. ET on his Instagram account: @joehorowitzmuse. We highly encourage you to give it a listen.

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