‘Happy Hour’ Podcast: Episode 11 with Damian Lopez, Chad Antus and Brad Swearingen

In this week’s ‘Happy Hour’ podcast, host Damian Lopez welcomes fellow caddies Brad Swearingen and Chad Antus to learn all about their interesting paths to the PGA Tour.

For his part, Swearingen is the self-proclaimed “Crash” Davis of the minor leagues, a part of seven wins on the Korn Ferry Tour, helping several players graduate to the PGA Tour… where Swearingen has also spent plenty of time as a caddie.

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Antus also explains the best way to land a bag on the bigger tours if you’re an aspiring professional caddie.

Go grab your favorite beverage, sit back, relax and join us for another happy hour!

You can either watch the video of the podcast above, or listen to the audio above. As always, our podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Google by searching, “Caddie Network.”

Enjoy the show!


  1. Hey D-Lo! I stumbled across this site/link while combing through some old emails and just wanted to reach out and say “hey” & great show(s)! Enjoyed seeing and listening to the you and the guys. My name (Mark Miller)likely won’t ring any bells but I worked out there with you guys for a while back in ’04 -’12 for Maggert. Anyhow, thanks again for the listen and it provided a nice ride down memory lane. Best of luck out there on Tour & with the show! Stay safe.

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