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Caddie workout tips, Phil’s calves and incorrect pin sheets

Bubba Watson, Ted Scott
It was a banner week on social media for Bubba Watson’s caddie, Ted Scott. Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

With the PGA Tour making two stops last week — one in Mexico and the other in Puerto Rico — caddies once again took to social for a little comedy, whether intended or not.

First off, frequent caddie spotlight Ted Scott shared a behind-the-scenes look at how his man, Bubba Watson, trains in the weight room to get his intimidating two-major physique. Then some joker jumped in the background of the shot to completely ruin everything.

In a second shoot from the locker room later in the week, Bubba and Ted talked a little golf science to show another side of the dynamic duo. When things turned a little, um, confusing for the viewers, they turn the corner and grab the true Mad Scientist on tour.

On the practice tee, social media exploded as the guys in Mexico broke new ground as the PGA Tour finally allowed everyone to wear shorts during practice rounds. Most players either looked eerily pasty from the knees down, but one legend shoed a completely different side that no one expected.

Kevin Na’s caddie, Kenny Harms, shot this video of Phil Mickelson’s calves that took social by storm.

Finally, everybody knows that one of the biggest jobs a caddie has the week of the tournament is to keep their player informed on pin positions for every hole. This is especially important in the season’s biggest tournaments, like oh I don’t know, a WGC event in Mexico?

Remember that time I said that the PGA Tour was split between two different locations this week? Like, two completely different places? While in Mexico, Paul Casey’s caddie, Johnny McLaren, got a bit confused as evidenced by his realization that he had the pin sheet for the tournament in Puerto Rico instead. Lee Westwood shared the news via Twitter, also highlighting the fact that Casey managed to play his first three holes in 3 under (a par, a birdie and an eagle) despite the confusion.

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