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Caddie changes on the LPGA, BBQ’s and first-place finishes

Lydia Ko
Caddie changes on the LPGA happen far more frequently than you might think… especially at the start of a new season. Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

The start of a new golf season is often accompanied by player equipment changes, new sponsorships, and a fresh outlook on one’s game. In some instances, this can also mean making a caddie change.

Long-time golf journalist Ron Sirak wrote an excellent story about the frequency of caddie changes that have occurred on the LPGA in recent years. While some players may be looking for a quick fix to boost their success on the course, Sirak’s article argues the grass may not always be greener in some instances. There is a benefit to consistency in the player-caddie relationship, especially when a pair has experienced success in the past.

Meanwhile, caddie Damian Lopez, who carries for golfer Michael Thompson, knows his bar-b-que. He took to Instagram to share a few photos and videos from a Palm Springs gathering earlier in the week.

Is it possible to eat a computer screen? Not that I would try. But… you know… is it possible?

As we all know, many caddies are strong players in their own right. Kenny Harms, for example, is not only highlighted frequently in our weekly review, he’s also a heck of a stick! How do I know? Because of this post on Instagram of his Member-Guest win at Interlachen Country Club.

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