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21 of the most expensive golf-related purchases you’ve made

Tickets to the Masters can no doubt be pricey, but the experience is priceless. Credit: Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re a golf junkie – and there’s a good chance you are if you’re reading this – there’s no doubt there has been a time or two when you made a golf-related purchase that may have been a little outside of your means at the time.

But, when you’re hooked on golf, sometimes you do crazy things.

Hopefully, it was worth it.

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We recently polled our @CaddieNetwork Twitter followers and asked: What’s the most money you’ve ever spent on an item related to golf (club, memorabilia, tickets to an event, etc.) and what was it?

Here’s a look at some of the great answers we received, in no particular order…

21. See tweet below.


20. “We (wife, son and I) made a trip to Royal Portrush this past summer for The Open. Had previously been to a PGA, previously been to a Masters (Thursday and Friday), and have been to many U.S. Opens. Completed my ‘Logan Slam’ and also visited my grandmother’s childhood home in Cork. Priceless.” — @BobLogan51

19. “$660 driver, back in 2006-ish. I still suck.” — @icecreamcolder

18. “When I bought my Big Bertha driver back in the mid 90’s and paid $200 for it.” — @ChadDickens4

17. “I got fitted last year at Champions Club and before long I bought a TS 2 driver $399 with a $500 shaft = $900. Still suck!” — @raymackin

16. “The National gift shop.” — @BNApilot

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15. “$500 one-way ticket to Utah to work the Utah Championship. This is after top 25 the week prior with my new player #outofpocket #worthit” — @Mau5Kade

14. “Trip to Ireland 5K American… seems like a fortune right now.” — @Hot_Zee

13. “Pebble Beach Hole 7 photo taken from the water.” — @DfsPgafan

12. “MacKenzie golf bag.” — @GrantBruce2

11. “Home launch monitor/practice setup. SkyTrak so it wasn’t even at the pricey end of the spectrum. So glad I did now!” — @MatthewHokie

10. “$1,000 to play Shadow Creek.” — @RclarkeRsc

9. “$4400 loss in a baker game the first day of a bachelor party — really set the tone for the weekend.” — @DaveAllard2

8. “Masters practice round tickets for myself and wife. Monday round 3 years ago. Close to $600/ticket. Thunderstorm 45 minutes after arriving. Property closed for the day.” — @_meelum_

7. “Lol roughly $600 each at the ‘06 U.S. Open at Winged Foot over two days, a casual round at Bethpage Black and a Monday practice round at 2017 Masters… I’m not very financially responsible at places that I know I may never get to see again.” — @eatnapeach

6. “Round at Shadow Creek. Between travel, greens fee, caddie tip (generous!), alcohol and gambling losses, I have no idea how much it added up to BUT whatever it was, it was worth every penny.” — @ChicagoObserver

5. See tweet below.


4. “Epic Flash Driver… definitely worth it.” — @cablestation947

3. “$920 Bettinardi putter. I was sooo hungover when I went to the studio in Chicago all I wanted to do was throw up!” — @PBenoist

2. “Probably not a single item, but the first time I played Pebble Beach I dropped well over $1K for tee time, caddie, and then pro shop goodies. Absolutely worth every penny.” — @xx007

1. “Spent $600 or $700 on that special addition @DJohnsonPGA @TaylorMadeGolf M1 driver back in the day.” — @SpacklerCarl1

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